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Bad Functions

Updated: Jul 2

In computer programming, we have a term called FUNCTIONS. Functions are groupings of code that when certain inputs are inputted into it, the function outputs a certain piece of information.

Often times, we abstract the function away into a black box where INPUTS are inserted in, the BLACK BOX performs the operation, and then OUTPUTS are retrieved out.

Now, the funny thing about functions is that it only works if the INPUTS are compatible to it. So say for example, we have a function that performs addition. The requirements for the inputs would be 2 numbers. If the inputs are 1 word and 1 number or 2 words, then the function will not work.

It will not execute.

It will not compute.

Only 2 numbers can be inserted for the function to run, and as long as those types of inputs are given, the program will continue to run over and over and over again.

Are there any instances in your life where the same function is running over and over again? I know I have personally experienced this where I met the same type of guy over and over again just to end up with the same output. My dad used to call them look-a-likies. He would say that these guys, though different, had the same look to them. Ultimately, they were still numbers.

There are many different types of numbers, but a number is still a number.

Now, what if I told you that Jesus Christ is a programmer. He is a Software Engineer, and His word is the source code. Source code is the programming language used to write code. Our souls are programmed with words. The things we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell program us. These are things that produce bad functions, but God's source code has the ability to REWRITE these functions. This is what God's Celestial Network is all about.

God wants us to enter into a personal relationship with Him by connecting into His network. It is just like a laptop or cellphone connecting to the Internet. We must connect into God's word to have our insides RECODED so that we can break the cycles from these bad functions.

Interested in learning more? Reach out so we can get you a copy of God's Celestial Network today. Also, there will be a book signing Saturday, June 3 at 6:00pm in Hapeville, GA. More information below! Plug in today!

God's Celestial Network Book Signing:

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