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What is the Industrious Women’s Network?

What is the Industrious Women’s Network?

According to Oxford Languages, industrious means diligent and hard-working.

Some synonyms include assiduous, persistent, studious, determined, driven, and productive.

These are all the words that describe you and what you are achieving. That is why we developed The Industrious Women’s Network nonprofit.

What is our Mission and Vision?

Our mission is to foster career excellence and personal growth among women through mentorship.

In our vision, we aim to give every woman the support needed to succeed in their career and personal lives.

What can we do for you?

We hope that by your participation, you will be well prepared for life after college in your career of choice, grow personally being able to succeed in every endeavor you take and build productive relationships with other people like yourself.

We are here to help! Whether if you need help with your resume, setting up your Handshake profile, or getting an internship, allow us to be your cheerleader, your resource. Let us know if we can help with anything!

Talk with you soon!

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